Geer warns team to be on guard against Coventry

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Eastbourne team manager Trevor Geer has warned his team to be on their guard when they face Coventry twice in the space of 24 hours.

The West Midlands team have had a torrid start to the season and were badly mauled at home by Wolverhampton in front of the Sky TV cameras.

They rallied on Bank Holiday Monday at home by easily beating Lakeside leading Geer to say: “We will have a fight on our hands. These two matches will be as tough as they come.”

The Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles ride at Coventry on Friday with the return at Arlington Saturday, 7.30pm.

Geer, who is also co-promoter, added: “This is a great opportunity for us to get points and shoot up the table. We must not waste the chance and need all the fighting spirit we showed when we gained a league point at Swindon.”

It is a busy week for the Eagles as they ride at Birmingham tonight (Wednesday) where they will be without Lukas Dryml, who is riding in a Czech league match. There is no “facility” and the club will be using Cameron Heeps from Ipswich.

For Saturday’s home match, Timo Lahti will be absent on approved FIM duty riding in the world under 21 championship in Rawicz, Poland, and the club will utilise rider replacement to cover his rides.

Denis Gizatullin has received intensive treatment and physiotherapy on his injured shoulder in Poland during the last week and has been declared fit for this week’s matches.