Judo – Bridgeview have much to be pleased about after succcess at Durrington

Megan and Ellie
Megan and Ellie
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Bridgeview Judo Club had much to be pleased about following this year’s Sussex Trials, held at Durrington Sports Centre at the weekend.

Six players entered the event, which for them was very much a comeback after two years of abstinence from the competition circuit.

And between them they accumulated sufficient points to secure an overall fourth place in the county for their Lewes club.

Charlie Hildred and Curtis Birch both opened their competitive accounts at the event, and both put in spirited efforts against much more experienced county players.

The boys learned a lot from the experience and Birch even managed one convincing win in the knock-outs to secure a bronze medal.

Owain Leaney started extremely well, but found himself overpowered in the final bouts.

Nevertheless, he still managed a consolation bronze medal for his efforts.

Meanwhile, Eleanor Kearley-Whitmore continued her run of successes with a rather slow start before leading to a thrilling golden score (extra time) finale.

She really came to life in the closing stages and eventually secured a silver medal.

Megan Logan very much played the captain’s role for the junior players.

She looked confident from the outset, dominated her mat area and claimed a gold medal with some superb combination Judo.

In the senior event, Jez Fielding entered despite suffering from a chest infection, but was forced to retire halfway through his second fight even though he was dominating his oppoent.

He had managed a magnificent win over the enventual gold medallist in his opening bout, however, and came home with 10 points towards his second dan. This was a good day for Bridgeview as a first step in trying to regain the leading position they held a few years ago as the number one Sussex Judo Club.

If you’re interested in joining Bridgeview, visit the website www.judoatlewes.co.uk

Picture: Experience and enthusiasm: Megan Logan with Ellie Kearley-Whitmore.