Just a couple of doubles from claiming a 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 whitewash

WHAT a boring week... the Olympics have been and gone, and I’ve got to admit that I miss it all badly.

There were sports that I knew nothing about that I became addicted to – along with much of the nation I’d imagine.

I might even have to try another sport out at some time, but I’ll keep that quiet for a bit...

I’ll point out that it won’t involve water or horses... with my injury track record and lack of swimming prowess, drowning or getting flung over a hedge aren’t really that high on my priority list!

Right, Superleague last week was a strange experience.

I scored like a demon, yet struggled to finish. I went two-nil down, then got my act together a bit and drew level. The deciding leg was a nightmare but I persevered and won the match 3-2. I had more than 40 non-scoring darts, which is about 30 more than I’d expect! I still didn’t have the lowest average either, so it just goes to show how good my scoring is at the moment.

On Monday I played in the Hastings singles league. I had three matches, winning 6-0, 5-1 and 5-1. I didn’t play that well on the night, and feel that I probably shouldn’t have lost a single leg, but I missed the doubles that would have earned me a clean sweep of 6-0 results.

As for this week, I’ll have played my last Superleague match of the season by the time you read this, and I hope to have secured the most 180s in the league. We will see.