Lewes fast men in ding-dong battle for overall best times

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LAST Monday, Lewes Wanderers promoted the final ride of the 12-race Evening Ten-mile series. The series has been a tightly-fought contest with the fast men of Pete Morris, Rob Pelham and Tom Glandfield having a ding-dong battle for the fastest aggregate time of six counting qualifying rides.

Morris narrowly held on to his slender advantage over Pelham and impressively won this year’s award, with Glandfield completing the podium places in third position.

In the veterans competition (riders must be over 40 to qualify as a Vet), Sam Ramsey deservedly scooped the honours after posting some blistering times over the season. He was followed by your correspondent and Peter Baker.

The handicap award also went to Sam, with the improving Martin Komen and Junior rider Dan Gardener filling the next two places.

Monday’s ride incorporated the Athlete’s Ten, an event where riders must complete the course without the usual accruements and paraphernalia associated with time trailing – no pointy hats, fancy wheels, tri-bars or skin suits etc.

Most riders find they complete the circuit between one to three minutes slower than their best on an all-singing TT machine – this race is about the rider not the bike!

The winner is based on comparing the times of riders on their full-blown TT bikes and relating them to the times posted on normal road bikes.

After complex calculations and deliberations, the results placed Doug Gardener first, Paul Gibbons second and Simon Yates in third position. Three of the riders – Nick Dwyer, Pete Morris and Rob Pelham – were not content to subject their bodies to one dose of torture.

After completing their ten-mile journey to hell on their TT machines, they rode the course for a second ride on their road bikes.

The three major club points-based competitions are heading towards a thrilling denouement as the season end closes in.

In the Classic League, Pete Morris is holding sway over Rob Pelham, whilst in the Middlemarkers Competition, Charlie Middleton has the crown within his grasp if he can beat David Beale and Doug Gardner in the final three counting event in September.

The Club Points competition has two counting events remaining, the Hill Climb and the Circuit of Chailey, and in a tightly contested battle, your correspondent has his nose in front of Chris Martin and Sam Ramsey with all to play for.

On Monday, Lewes riders face as challenge of a different kind as they tackle the club’s annual Hill Climb. This lung-busting torture entails riders ascending the fearsome Firle Beacon. Competition should be fierce, with Pete Morris, Patrick Hough, Andy Comben and Dan Gardner likely to be the main protagonists in this brutal event.

More details of this ride and other club activities and events can be found at the Lewes club website at www.leweswandererscc.co.uk

n LAST week, the Wanderers, through their column, graciously extended congratulations to Eastbourne Rovers’ Peter Moon for entering the record books.

As the world’s eyes were on Paris and Bradley Wiggins’ historic Tour de France victory, back in the UK, Rover’s Peter took fourth place in the National 24 Hour Time Trial held in Cheshire.

The ‘24’ involves riding as far as you can in 24 hours and is widely considered the most gruelling of sporting events. It requires complete dedication with months of physical and mental preparation. Moon achieved a staggering 471.18 miles, almost exactly the same distance as Eastbourne to Glasgow and just a mile off a national podium position.

This smashes the previous Eastbourne record of 447.89 miles held since 1982 and makes Peter the highest placed Eastbourne rider in any national competition.

Eastbourne Rovers meet every Monday at Stone Cross Memorial Hall – if you want to know more or join them, visit their website at www.eastbournerovers.com