Lewes school enjoying the popularity of netball

The Year 7 team
The Year 7 team

Netball is the sport of the moment at one Lewes school where participation, and corresponding success in competitive fixtures, has seen a marked rise this year.

The boom is at Lewes Old Grammar School where PE teacher Brigid Argyle says there have been extended opportunities for the girls to play in a choice of after-school and a lunchtime clubs during the current netball season.

“Around 60 senior girls (fromYears 7-11) now regularly take part in one or more of these sessions which is great to see. Their commitment and dedication has been reflected in their fixture results”, she says.

The Lewes independent school’s Year7 team (pictured) finish the season unbeaten, while players from the other teams have all enjoyed success against evenly matched opposition such as, Moira House, Gildredge House, Lancing, and Battle.

In addition to school fixtures a number of social fixtures between ‘Mums Only’ and ‘Boys Only’ teams have all contributed to a very positive and encouraging year for Netball development at the High Street school.