Newhaven Tennis Club celebrates its 75th anniversary

HAVING held their successful and enjoyable Open Day on June, Newhaven Tennis Club has now also celebrated the founding of the club 75 years ago.

The event was on Saturday July 16 at the tennis courts following an American Tournament for members, from 4.30pm onwards with lots of current members, and those dating back 40 or 50 years attending.

Old photographs and memorabilia were on hand to view and talk about.

The club was formed in 1936 - the year Fred Perry lifted the country’s last Wimbledon title - by business people from the area using grass courts on the northern edge of the Fort Road Recreation Ground.

During WWII the Club suspended play for several years but then continued from war-end at a different area of the recreational ground until moving to the present area in Court Farm Road.

The club is also keen to attract new members, and those interested or seeking more information should also contact Bob.