Record breakers for Weald Squash Club in last two matches


The last two matches of the season were record breakers for the Club and as different as you can get.

The second team played almost every game available in their quest to avoid the relegation zone against Lewes 1, but lost 0-5 in an enthralling match.

The games started well for Weald as Jon Liles led by two games, but he started to lose the advantage and movement around the court in the third, and gradually his lead was reeled back in by his opponent who eventually took control of the game, leaving Jon losing 2-3.

Playing a tricky player, Chris Torney worked out new tactics to even the scores in the second, but found himself out-witted by his opponent to lose 1-3.

Wanting a good game to finish the season, Noel Poncelet worked hard to keep in the game and use his steady long game to even the scores, but in the end could not find the legs to stop his opponent bashing the ball accurately around the court to leave Noel once again 2-3 down.

The night finished with two amazing matches as Julian Drage worked his way back into his match, employing a series of desperate dives to retrieve the ball and, amazingly, follow the return up with a quick recovery to find a winner.

However, his opponent was too strong, playing good length balls from difficult corners to deprive Julian of a win.

After a tentative first game, Tom Knight employed better length shots to put his opponent under pressure and to regain the lead to the point where he had match ball.

To the groans of the home team, he put the ball down and another battle commenced for the deciding game in which despite some more chances at game ball, Tom lost by a single point on the tie-break.

The fourth team completed their season with a 5-0 win over a depleted Dunnings 4 team in record time as James Holloway, Jim Gowans and Matt Johnson won in straight games while Clive Turner switched off in the third to drop the only game of the night before winning 3-1.