Rooks badge makes a list of world’s most beautiful

Lewes logo 39
Lewes logo 39

LEWES FC’s club logo has been included in the 100 most beautiful in world football – by a magazine the other side of the world in Japan.

The list was made in 2008 but was only unearthed on YouTube this week by a Rooks fans who posted the news on the fans forum.

The discovery was made by Cockneyexile who wrote on the unofficial Lewes FC forum: “Came across this today & was pleasantly suprised to find amongst the Real Madrids & Bayern Munichs that the mighty Lewes FC came in at number 39!!

The description accompanying the YouTube club (which perhaps loses something in translation) says: “The list elaborated by the japanese T Sports Magazine (edition n.14 - 2008 DEC) about the 100 most beatiful football logos around the world.”

“The Lewes FC logo, designed by Proworx, is indeed in 39th place and beats world names such as River Plate, Sporting Lisbon, Inter Milan and Juventus (and, yes, as well as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich). You can view the YouTube video here: