Rooks fans express delight at Walder’s decision to stay

Rooks fans have expressed delight at the news that midfielder Jack Walder is staying with Lewes next season.

The Rooks yesterday (Thursday) announced that, following discussions with the new Lewes management team of Garry Wilson and Danny Bloor on Wednesday night, the combative midfielder had committed himself to the club for the 2013/13 season.

Fans took to Twitter to express their delight at Walder’s decision to stay with the Rooks, with many making reference to the feisty midfielder’s signature salmon dive goal celebration.

Barry Haffenden said: “Oh you’ve just made a group of men very happy @Jack_walder. Great news – Now I’m looking forward to the new season – Let’s all do the salmon.”

Joe Croydon added: “LETS ALL DO THE SALMON LA LA LA LA LA LA!!! @Jack_walder YES YES YES!!! Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Sofa Rook simply wrote: “Yee hah!”

The news follows the exciting signing earlier in the week of striker Ade Olorunda, from Maidstone United, and the confirmation over the weekend of Tobi Hutchinson as U18 boss.

Rooks assistant manager Bloor told the Sussex Express: “I knew Jack already and it was a very positive meeting.

“We liked what he said and he obviously liked what we said.

“We’re very pleased with the way things are going. Over the past three weeks Garry and I have worked extremely hard.

“We’ve had a lot meetings in that time: many successful, some not so successful. But we’re in a happy position now.”

Bloor said that the players who had signed up to the club for next season had all bought into his and Wilson’s philosophy – that of a strong work ethic combined with a determination to enjoy their football.

“The players fully understand how we’re going to run (the team),” he said.

“When we have work to do, we’ll work bloody hard – but when it’s time to have fun, we’ll have a lot of fun.

“We’re gearing ourselves for that first league game on August 10 now. You can’t win league points in June.”

The club revealed that, following a short break, Walder was keen to meet up with the new Lewes management to discuss extending his time at the Dripping Pan.

Walder said: “I’ve known both Garry and Danny for a while and I was pleased to see their appointment. I am keen to see us be more competitive and I think the new management will do that.

“That suits my personality and the way I play, so I am really pleased to be following Crabby (Nathan) and Brinky (Steve Brinkhurst) in staying here, and I’m sure others will follow suit.”

“I certainly haven’t wanted to move anywhere,” he added.

“I think a few of the lads think there are a few things we started but haven’t finished as yet. Maybe we will push on this season and give our supporters a bit more to cheer about!”

Boss Wilson expressed his delight at securing Walder’s services for next season.

“Jack has that great quality of belief, in himself and his team mates,” he said.

“It is a powerful force when harnessed and used well and that’s what Danny and I, and Deano (Head Coach Dean Lightwood) too, are wanting to do for this season.

“Jack is right, we must be well organised and competitive, if you aren’t, then it’s likely to be a very long season. His attitude is spot on and, in truth, all the guys we’ve got here have shown that willingness to be committed and that hunger and desire to succeed. That will get even more focused once they play in front of the Pan regulars and many of the new boys have yet to experience that feeling.”

Wilson added that there were “more signings in the pipeline” but he expressed his “satisfaction at how things had gone thus far.”