Roy’s Dripping Pan painting makes a real impression on Rooks director Charlie – David Arnold’s Dripping Yarns

Roy Dartnell Pan Painting
Roy Dartnell Pan Painting

The painting of the Dripping Pan, above, was undertaken by Lewes follower Roy Dartnell.

I find it endearing work and am not alone in this opinion: Rooks Director Charlie Dobres liked it enough to personally commission a set of Christmas cards featuring the painting. Being a limited edition, the cards didn’t go on general sale to fans but I do believe they were so well received by those people who did get one that a larger print run is planned for the future.

I don’t know too much about art but Roy’s work is clearly Impressionist in style and is all about mood and atmosphere rather than the kind of real life detail you would find in a photo. I did some research and discovered that the term Impressionist derived from Claude Monet’s painting entitled Impression Sunrise. It was actually initially used as a derisory term by art-reviewer Louis Leroy in 1874. Unable to appreciate anything that deviated from established painting traditions, he penned a scathing review of the first exhibition of new works by a group of artists that included Monet, Renoir and Cezanne. But Leroy got it spectacularly wrong. The public loved the exhibition and soon the term Impressionist was adopted to describe this new style of painting that heralded one of the most influential art movements in history. I’m not suggesting Roy is up there with Monet et al but I do find his painting very easy on the eye. I am also delighted that Roy has put his work on “permanent loan” to Lewes FC and it now hangs on a wall in the Rook Inn.

Interestingly, Roy probably sees the Dripping Pan at close quarters more than most fans. One of his ‘jobs’ is clearing up the terraces after matches, picking up the many hundreds of plastic glasses and general litter discarded by fans. Quite a task. For this and much else in support of the Rooks, Roy was recently awarded Life Membership by the Board, thus giving him equal status with wife Pat.