Run of betters results continue for Weald


The run of better results for the Club’s teams continued as the first team beat Corals 3 in a close-run match which finished 4-1 in Weald’s favour but could have gone either way.

In his debut for the team, Tom Knight kept fighting back to level the scores with a lot of running and good length shots to force a neck and neck decider that Tom won on the last point of the tie break, finishing 3-2. In a similar game, but with a more laid-back style, Joe Mack fought back twice to reach the fifth and once again it was difficult to judge who would win until Joe just nudged ahead to take the decider.

After just missing out on the first game, Sam Hanbury tightened up his shots to pull ahead until he just missed out on a match ball in the fourth, leading to yet another nail-biting finish as he kept his head to take the last point of the tie-break, winning 3-2. In a good result, Mark Wheeler won 3-1 against a quick, accurate opponent in a series of marathon rallies as his persistence paid dividends. However, after taking the first, Pete Berry’s game was dominated by his opponent as he lost 1-3.

The fourth team won 5-0 away against Bluecoats 4 as the strong team adapted to the fast, bouncy conditions of the away courts. Conrad Thompson faced tie-breaks to save two games, putting the ball away safely to win 3-0, while Jim Gowans and Matthew Johnson worked their way through frustrating first games before finding a successful game plan, both winning in four. Trevor Morgan and Sarah Naish both won in three, although it took two tie-breaks for Trevor to bring out his best shots.

It didn’t all go Weald’s way as the seconds lost 2-3 against Copthorne 2. Tired after the late night for the successful first team, Tom Knight rallied to reach match ball in the fourth which evaded his grasp in a series of hard, scrappy points before he knuckled down to win the decider. Dave Jump’s tactics frustrated his opponent, leading to a win in three, but Noel Poncelet’s early lead as his shots down the wall kept the pressure on his opponent was thwarted in the decider as his opponent finished the game with an irretrievable nick shot.

Feeling the pressure from a young opponent retrieving his normally effective, but chancy tactical shots in the corners, Chris Torney changed his tactics to safer shots down the wall to save a match point against him in the third, before bowing to the inevitable as he lost 1-3. Finally, Julian Drage put up a fight, but was outplayed in three.