Seaford and Pulborough in end of season encounter

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SEAFORD hosted the league champions Pulborough at the Salts on Saturday in the annual season climax.

A fixture that has been going since 1994, Seaford and Pulborough take it in turns to host each other at the end of every season and play for a trophy containing the ashes of a player’s shirt from either side.

Seaford have never managed to win the competition to date but, with a win apiece in the league and Seaford having their best season finish for years, they knew that there was going to be no better time to get their name on the trophy than now.

With the clubhouse filled to capacity and many numbers braving the cold on the touchline, those present witnessed a very even match that was 0-0 at half time. Seaford showed why they are top contenders for the title and some silverware next season with some fine displays of brilliant rugby.

After the break Pulborough were the first on the score sheet, but with the well-drilled Scarlet backs rising to the occasion and Seafords tough forwards pack winning good ball, it wasn’t long before the home side were finding ways to score. The match finished 10-10 with nothing to separate the league champions from fourth-placed Seaford. In true Ashes fashion the competition turned from the pitch to the bar and the trophy was to be decided by the infamous boat race.

Seaford were the victors and continued to trump their guest in every challenge throughout the night.

The Seaford team, committee and supporters would like to thank Pulborough for a fantastic day and night and wish them the best of luck in London 3 South East next season.