Seaford Striders and Uckfield Runners at Brighton

THE third running of the Brighton Marathon took place on Sunday.

In dry and partly sunny conditions, a strong biting northerly wind increased as the morning progressed, inhibiting several of the 9,000 finishers as they made their way around the city.

Temperatures were around 6-8C. A hilly course, especially in the first half, saw 19 Seaford Striders complete the course, the route of which concentrated on the seafront areas.

First home was Ryan Stewart (106th overall) in a good time of 3:05:51. Second Striders was Jacob Miles (354th) with a PB of 3:20:05 and third Chris Piper (598th) in 3:26:28. In the Ladies, Natalie McCreath (964th) finished in a satisfactory time of 3:34:32, Karen Clinton was 2,758th in 4:02:16 and Jackie Webber (3769th) in 4:15:39. Julie Fowler made her marathon debut and was 6,362nd with a acceptable time of 4:44:56 and was generally pleased with her result.

OTHER TIMES: Geoff Gray (600th) 3:26:30; Gary Lee (967th) 3:35:45 (PB); Richard Honeyman (1,301st) 3:42:22; Cliff Evans (1,397th) 3:44:33; Karen Clinton (2,758th) 4:02:16; Haydon Skilton (3,361st) 4:11:15; Dave Holden 4,146th (4:14:02); Chris le Beau (4,393rd ) 4:14:37; Dawn Woodgate (5,061st) 4:28:52; Tom Roper (6,255th) 4:46:12; Rob Webber (6,707th) 5:03:16; David Loader (8,504th) 6:01:17.

FIVE Uckfield Runners completed the Brighton Marathon. All the runners did well to finish the course but of particular note is Jon Waite who knocked one hour nine minutes off his last run at Brighton in 2010.

The finishing times were Mark Slaughter (3hrs 29mins), Tara Sinha (3hrs 30m), Jon Waite (3hrs 46), Lydia Godfrey (3hrs 57), Emma Hyland (4 hrs 17).