Silence in memory of Lee was immaculately observed

The silence in memory of Lee Richardson was immaculately observed at the Arlington Stadium on Saturday.

The whole place fell completely quiet and the only noise to be heard was the sound of birds singing.

After the silence, a prolonged period of applause and the sounding of air horns signalled supporters’ appreciation of his career.

Richardson died a week ago on Sunday after a track crash in Poland. He lived in Hastings and in 2008 rode for the Eastbourne Eagles and captained the club to a dramatic KO Cup success.

A collection for the Richardson family raised more than £2,800.

On track, the Eagles beat Swindon 51-39. The scoreline rather flattered the home team. Over the first 13 heats it had been nip-and-tuck between the sides but 5-1 wins in the last two races sealed the match for Eastbourne.

Home reserve Timo Lahti was Lifestyle Eagles’ man-of-the-match with paid 18 points from seven rides, including three consecutive heat wins as the match reached its concluding phase.

Tonight (Monday), Eastbourne are due to ride at Belle Vue. Twice this season the match has been rained off.

Words by Shaleman