Speedway news with Shaleman

SPEEDWAY fans can get an update direct from the management of the Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles at a fans’ forum being held this Sunday.

The forum will be held at the club’s Arlington stadium clubroom, when the promoting trio of Bob Dugard, Trevor Geer and Mike Bellerby will be on hand to tell fans the latest news and answer questions from the floor.

It is also expected that a member of the 2012 team will also be present. The meeting gets under way at noon. Teas and coffee will be available. At 11am, there is a staff meeting. This will be a briefing and registration meeting for all those wishing to have official roles on speedway race nights. If you held such a post in the 2011 season and wish to be considered for 2012, but are not able to attend, please advise Mike Bellerby before the 19th.

The roar of speedway bikes should soon be heard at Arlington Stadium as riders get set for the new season which begins next month.

Some of the Eastbourne Lifestyle Eagles will be desperate to get back on track and none more so than Lukas Dryml.

The Czech Republic rider’s 2011 season was cut short in a crash at Birmingham in the summer when he broke his leg.

He talked at one time of making a return before the end of the campaign but that was not to be.

I’m told Dryml has not yet ridden a speedway bike since his crash and that he, more than any other member of the 2012 team, is keen to get plenty of laps under his belt before the opening match against Belle Vue on March 24.

Riders can be physically fit but there is only so much that working out in a gym can do to prepare you for the rigours of a speedway race.

There’s the instant acceleration from the starts and the enormous strain on the arms as you hold a 500cc high-revving speedway bike as it slides around the corners. You are not only holding it…you are changing lines and direction in a bid to hold off or pass opponents.

Towards the end of last season the Eagles covered for the loss of Dryml by using the rider replacement rule – it meant that captain Cameron Woodward was taking six or seven rides in every meeting.

And on the September night when the Eagles qualified for the Elite League Play Offs, Woodward took 13 rides in one evening as Eastbourne defeated Wolverhampton and then Coventry in a double header.

He was tired at the end of it but pointed out by that stage of the season he – and all the other riders – are very fit after six months racing.

Dryml has good cause to want to put in plenty of laps but other riders will not bother. They will have a go on press and practice day on March 17 and be satisfied with that. Their view is they have nothing to learn about their home track and do not want their engines to go “flat” before the real racing has begun.

As we went to Press yesterday, news was still awaited on who will be the Eagles No 7 for the coming season. All the noises around the club suggested an announcement was imminent.

WANTED: It is likely that two of the Eagles’ riders will require experienced mechanics for the 2012 season. If you are suitably qualified, hold a UK driving licence and wish to be considered, please text your contact details to 07931 623069.