SPEEDWAY Tuesday’s Inside Line with Shaleman: Eastbourne’s game of three thirds!

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Football matches are sometimes described as games of two halves. Well Monday’s speedway meeting at Arlington was a match of three thirds!

In the first five races, the visitors King’s Lynn were all over the Lifestyle Eagles. A visiting rider won the first five races, the visiting riders gated first every time and after five heats the Norfolk side were 19-11 ahead.

Phase two saw the home side dig-in and fightback. They started winning races, managed to come from the back to pick up points after heat ten were 31-29 in front.

After that, in a nail-biting finish, the Eagles managed to stretch that lead to eight points with a 4-2 in heat 15. That was enough to secure all three league points on offer.

It was almost as if the Eagles had come back from the dead. Most fans in the stadium and those watching on TV had written off their chances after the opening exchanges but heads did not go down and some great racing lifted spirits as the match neared its climax.

Lukas Dryml did a “wall of death” to win one race, Russian Denis Gizatullin showed he is quickly weighing up the fastest way around Arlington when he took a 5-1 with Lwis Bridger in heat 11 and Simon Gustafsson recovered from a slow start to score vital points.