Stock cars: Speedway king Kennett makes successful transition from two to four wheels

Hailsham Rookie Banger driver Ed Kennett celebrates his first win
Hailsham Rookie Banger driver Ed Kennett celebrates his first win

Observant readers would have noticed a familiar name mentioned briefly in the report on the culmination of the South Coast Hydraulics Banger League at Arlington.

The winner of the Grand Final was one Ed Kennett from Hailsham. Yes that name does sound familiar to sports fans, as it is the same Ed Kennett, former Eastbourne Eagles speedway rider, who now rides for the Elite League champions Swindon Robins.

In addition to his two-wheeled duties that see him travelling across Europe, from late July, Kennett (above) has been adding to his schedule with regular visits to Banger meetings at Arlington, Aldershot and even Ipswich.

Over the weeks, Kennett’s professionalism has come to the fore, with ever improving results for the most part.

From a late start, a series of consistent results in August and September saw Kennett finish an incredible seventh in the Aldershot series. Despite only a handful of appearances at Arlington, which included an unfortunate meeting in September that saw Kennett’s engine blow up, he was still able to finish the campaign a credible tenth.

He was so committed to his new challenge that on more than one occasion, he travelled back from mainland Europe on the Saturday night after a speedway event, to then race in Hampshire on Sunday afternoon. His best result by far was his win on the last night of the Arlington series.

With the league’s regular drivers all vying for valuable points, Kennett’s good form saw him beat out a top field to cross the line in first place.

With the issues of Speedway in this country somewhat up in the air currently, we may be seeing him more regularly at Arlington next season on four wheels rather than his customary two.

If we do, after half a season of consolidation in 2013, the current top drivers would do well to look over their shoulder at the 520 car fast approaching.