Students steal the show at Sussex karate competition

Eastbourne and Hailsham Karate
Eastbourne and Hailsham Karate

Martial Arts aces Jack Miles and Ashley Bolt claimed winners medals at the annual Karate Jutsi Kai Sussex Championships.

The students were in top form came up trumps at the event in Hailsham in their chosen disciplines.

Titles in disciplines of Kata, Kickboxing and Kumite were fiercely competed for with Miles taking the crown in Kunite and Bolt doing likewise in the Kata.

The championships were opened to members of the World Independent Budo Kai for the first time in its history and they competed alongside a number of students from Eastbourne and Hailsham, as well as competitors from across the county from other organisations.

Matthew Chea also took second place in both Kumite and Kickboxing, while Bolt claimed second prize in Kumite.

Zac Newman also performed well throughout the day and was a runner-up in the Kata discipline.

Oliver Goodchild also got in on the act and finished third in the Kumite whileJack Howe and Adam Hopkins recorded third place finishes in Kata discipline.

Club instructor Cliff Bolt said, “It was a good day for the club.

“We are able to compete in all disciplines.

“The nature of Martial Arts is constant self-improvement. “And with the national tournament due in June, we will be looking for further personal development and improvement in all students, in all disciplines.”