Supporters hear positive news at Eagles fans forum

Supporters of Eastbourne Speedway who attended the club’s fans’ forum on Sunday were given a stream of positive news from club officials.

Co-promoter Trevor Geer said there was a huge determination within the team to get to the Elite League play-offs – and win it.

Co-promoter Mike Bellerby said it had been a busy winter behind the scenes with everything set for the start of the season next month. He said the club had done what it could with admission prices to help families with the cost of a family ticket coming down, as had the admission price for children.

And commercial manager Chris Macdonald told the meeting that thanks to the financial help from sponsors the club was in a healthy position and had always “paid its bills”.

After the meeting, Bellerby said: “We had between 70 and 80 people at the meeting which is remarkable considering the weather. It was a cold, wet day and I thank everyone for taking the trouble to come to Arlington.”

Earlier he had told the meeting: “Everything is shaping up very well. We have been working hard and we are now raring to go with the official practice session on Saturday March 16 starting at 12.45pm.”

Geer said: “I am pleased with the riders we have. They didn’t want to ride anywhere else. They are determined to do well for us and want to win the Elite League championship.”

Macdonald revealed the club’s main sponsor, Lifestyle Europe, which now has ten dealerships across the South East, would bring three cars each week to the stadium, which would be parked in the car park, near the turnstile block.

They will be offered for sale at trade price or below. “If you are looking for a vehicle, talk to Lifestyle because you will get a really, really good deal,” he said.

One of the riders’ racesuits is still available for sponsorship – with the sponsor owning the suit at the end of the season (one of the two remaining racesuits having been sponsored at the forum). Fans can also again become the club’s guest “No 8” at a meeting. Macdonald also introduced a new hospitality package – “al-fresco”.

This will have the benefits usually associated with hiring, except the seats will be reserved in the main grandstand where guests will be able to sample the noise, smells and atmosphere of the meeting.

One issue raised by a supporter were delays between races. Bellerby assured fans that the club always endeavoured to put on a “slick presentation” but said some of the delays were beyond the club’s control.

Assistant team manager Glenn Martin said on occasions there was a tremendous amount of work going on in the pits to get bikes ready for racing.

Meeting presenter, Kevin Coombes, said if he sensed there was a long delay between racing, he would find out what was happening and make an announcement.

Supporters were also informed of the club’s communication policy, the new website and a new-look programme, with increased pagination, for 2013. It will cost £2.50.