Under fire Eastbourne team respond to criticism with improved performance in narrow Swindon defeat

Eastbourne Speedway’s “under fire” team responded to sharp criticism with a hugely improved performance at Swindon Thursday night.

The 49-43 defeat was good enough to secure an away “bonus” league point.

Riders were severely criticised by club senior promoter, Bob Dugard, on Thursday who warned “changes will be made” if there is not an immediate improvement.

Simon Gustafsson and Timo Lahti, both of whom have had a dire start to the season, showed much better form.

The result was a huge upset for the Wiltshire club which has been sweeping all before them in the opening weeks of the season.

Eastbourne reserve Denis Gizatullin withdrew from the meeting with an injury.

Eastbourne will regard the result as a corner turned but there is still much to do to bring the whole team to the boil.

They face a severe test at Arlington Saturday night (7.30pm) when Poole are the visitors.

Scorers at Swindon

Robins: Hans Andersen 13+1(5), Eddie Kennett 10+1(5), Troy Batchelor 9(4), Peter Kildemand 7+1(4), Kacper Gomolski 6+3(5), Nick Morris 3(4), Todd Kurtz 1+1(3). - 49

Eagles: Bjarne Pedersen 6(4), Simon Gustafsson 10+1(5), Cameron Woodward 10(4), Timo Lahti 8+2(5), Lukas Dryml 4+1(6), Denis Gizatullin 3(2), Adam Shields 2(4). – 43