Wanderer Adrian takes top spot in Reg Porter trophy

Lewes Wanderers
Lewes Wanderers

A sunny yet chilly morning on Sunday saw the second leg of the club’s Reg Porter Trophy – a three event competition run in the winter months.

Winner of Round one Paul Gibbons was this time organising.

Historically the event has tended to favour those who can adopt the most aerodynamic position on the bike or those who’ve piled on the pounds over Christmas, or ideally both. Whatever approach they favoured this year’s winner was Adrian Hills, followed by Mickey Turner with Paul and Club Chairman Chris Martin inseparable in third.

As neither Adrian nor Mickey took part in the first round this leaves Paul in pole position ahead of the final event the speed-judging in February, but with Chris close behind should he slip up.

Honourable mention should go to Darren Brockhurst who due to the stiff headwind and the knobbly tyres on his cyclo-cross bike failed to even crest the slight rise near the top of the slope before rolling to a halt.

At the AGM Club Secretary John Mankelow stepped into the breach after Mark Winton stood down. All of the current committee were re-elected along with one new representative Paget Cohen

More info on the club can be found at www.leweswanderers.co.uk