Wanderers brave the elements to take part in Reg Porter competition

Fifteen members of the Lewes Wanderers Cycling Club braved the elements to take part in the second round of the Reg Porter Competition series.

The downhill event is in essence a simple affair; riders are pushed off and have to freewheel downhill with the rider covering the greatest distance declared the winner. This simple sounding event is deceptively technical rewarding an aerodynamic pose coupled with steely nerves to avoid the temptation of touching brakes as riders accelerate over the slushy roads.

Unlike most cycling disciplines riders mass is generally considered an advantage, so those riders who tucked into a second helping of Xmas pud convinced themselves it was all part of their cunning training plan for the event. On the day Science proved the master over these more basic techniques with time trialling star Nick Dwyer easily covering the greatest distance due to his superb aerodynamic position. Following somewhat in his wake were John Miller with the third spot going to Simon Yates.

In the afternoon several members of the Lewes club attended the annual ESCA prize giving and awards lunch at the Alma Inn in Uckfield. The Lewes team were well represented on the honours board to reflect another very successful season for the team. Tom Glandfield rounded of a super season finishing second in the point’s competition in the face of some fierce opposition. The ESCA Points Team trophy went the way of the Wanderers along with the Reliability Trial Shield, where the Wanderers had 32 qualifying riders. Other trophies picked up on the day included the 25 Mile shield (Nick Dwyer, Tom Glandfield and Rob Pelham), the Veterans 25 mile cup (Nick Dwyer), the 25 mile Rosemary

Shield (Dwyer, Morris, Glandfield), the 100 mile Team trophy (Dwyer, Allen, Morris), and the 100 mile Team shield (Pelham, Glandfield, Rollings).

More information of all club activities and events can be found at www.leweswanderers.co.uk #

Report by Alan Lloyd