Crawley Town fans pick their favourite FA Cup moments - not including the trip to Manchester United

Crawley Town will be looking to reach the third round of the FA Cup  on Sunday.

Crawley Town fans on the pitch with Sergio Torres after he scored the winner against Derby County. Picture by Jon Rigby
Crawley Town fans on the pitch with Sergio Torres after he scored the winner against Derby County. Picture by Jon Rigby

The club have had great runs in the FA Cup in the past decade, but what is your favourite moment? We asked the Crawley Town FC Supporters Facebook group what their favourite Cup memories were – not including Old Trafford.

Here are the responses.

Karl Lenny Leonard said: “Sergio Torres’ screamer in the 3rd round against Derby County.”

Crawley Town players after the Derby County win. Picture by Jon Rigby

Alun Hickmott said: “Ben Smith’s winner away at Swindon right at the death in extra-time in the same season was incredible.

“I remember legging it down the steps swinging my arms around like a mentalist and was still so hyper when I got to bed around 1am, I couldn’t sleep. Blooming freezing too. Hayes away in 1991 was good fun too.”

Trevor Parsons said: “Hayes away followed by Derby at home for me,” while Philip Lucas agreed. He said: “Hayes away, fantastic atmosphere.”

Lee Wesson said: “Too many good ones to say which was best. Swindon away on the jarmen [sic] coach was a laugh a minute, the second we started drinking the beer he’d left under every seat.

“Hull away another classic trip from start to finish.

“Torquay was a weekender that saw the town take over the place for 24 hours. Hayes away was a game of its time.

“An atmosphere of malice and potential violence waiting to kick off ,which it did in a very serious way. Brighton away the same. The Derby game and Torres goal is right up there as the most memorable.

“I’d say the second goal at Hayes and the winner against Derby are the top two moments.”

Antony Weller said: “I don’t need to take old Trafford out the equation- it wouldn’t make the top five. That would come down to some of these: Northampton- home; Hayes - away; Tiverton - home replay; Dagenham and Redbridge (same season but only because my kids were mascots); Derby home; Hull away; Bristol City home; Torquay away (Old Trafford season); I’d rate all of them above OT.”

Steve Strange said: “Without a doubt it has to be the game against Derby and that goal by Sergio. It was a very wet evening, I was standing where the east stand now stands. That goal was worth the soaking.”