Southfield Road memories

Regarding the article in the Looking Back (February 20) from Elizabeth Hansell recalling her days in Southfield Road, I, too, recall all the people she mentions, such as Mr and Mrs Parkinson, Mr and Mrs Keen and Mrs Harris.

Roy Kelly, right, and his cousin, outside his house in Southfield Road
Roy Kelly, right, and his cousin, outside his house in Southfield Road

We moved to 100 Southfield Road, next door to the fish and chip shop, in 1940.

I also went to Dominion Road School and later The Boys High School.

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The hardware shop at this time was run by a Mr Cater, but I do not recall the ice cream man.

I recall there being a Cocozza family, and my mum was one of the people who made good use of the horse manure for the garden.

The attached photo is myself in army uniform while home on leave from national service, together with my cousin.

The photo was taken outside our house.

It was a bit of an adventure sometimes for us lads during the war years.

I also remember the unexploded bomb at Lyons Farm, Sompting Road, which suddenly exploded one evening, while we were playing out in the road, and bits and pieces of timber and rubble flying through the air.

As Elizabeth Hansell said, parents worked hard and we were well fed.

In the main, we were quite happy and some of us lucky enough to get through the years, with ups and downs, and now enjoying retirement.

I live in Horsham now, but still get to Worthing now and again.

Roy Kelly

Crawley Road