Ditchling Cricket Club to face MCC as part of 200th anniversary celebrations


Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) will play Ditchling Cricket Club on Wednesday 15th August, as part of the East Sussex club’s 200th anniversary celebrations at Ditchling Recreation Ground.

MCC is the most active cricket playing club in the world, and participate in over 500 fixtures each year. Traditionally, these fixtures are hosted by schools (MCC play the top 100 cricket schools in the UK), or against cricket clubs that have invited MCC to play against them.

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John Stephenson, MCC Assistant Secretary (Cricket) said: “MCC is delighted to play against Ditchling CC in their 200th year. This is an important milestone for their club and I’m sure it will be an enjoyable day for all involved.”

On Friday 10th August Cricket Week started to mark 200 years of the club, with a match against Kenya Kongonis. The festivities continue with matches against a Presidents’ XI on Thursday and The Royal Navy on Friday.

The match against MCC begins at 11.30am.