Hastings athletes busy - on streets and behind scenes

HY Runners have been keeping themselves busy in lockdown on the roads and behind the scenes as they prepare for measures to ease.
Natalie Jayne Grass and sister Rachel MulveyNatalie Jayne Grass and sister Rachel Mulvey
Natalie Jayne Grass and sister Rachel Mulvey

With the government’s lockdown restrictions easing this week, runners have been looking forward to training together again as a group, and having use again of the running track at William Parker School, albeit with some measures still in place.

As a result of the club’s growth they have now added to the coaching staff.

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Kwame Oko Okojie, Glenn Cooper, Carl Adams, Stacey Clusker, Kelly Crowe and Darren Ribs Rogers all add to the existing coaching set-up of Terry Skelton, Ross Skelton, Darrin Botting and Emma Welch.

Head Coach Terry Skelton and Paul Wilson of JT EmbroideryHead Coach Terry Skelton and Paul Wilson of JT Embroidery
Head Coach Terry Skelton and Paul Wilson of JT Embroidery

Head coach Terry Skelton said: “We’re delighted to add to our numbers coaching wise. We can compete and do well on all aspects of athletics from track, road and cross country. It was so important with the growth of the club that we were able to bolster our coaching staff, not only in quantity but also in quality and we have done just that.”

HY Runners have signed up to a shirt deal with JT Embroidery, who will supply all HY clothing and merchandise.

Skelton said: “Paul Wilson and his team at JT Embroidery stood out for us. They gave us a fair deal, which is always important but more so the personal service received was first class.”

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The club have been keeping members active with several fun challenges, ranging from 5k and 10k to five-mile challenges and beyond.

The Isted familyThe Isted family
The Isted family

Recently a five by four mile challenge took place between father and son Jason and Alfie Johnstone.

They started together and finished at the same point but dad Jason had to turn at the two-mile mark, where Alfie had to turn at 2.5 miles. Alfie won with a PB five-mile time of 31.48.

Defeated dad Jason said: “There was no concessions and both of us ran as hard as we could. I really enjoyed the challenge and like the idea of the five by four format where the slower runners can compete versus the quicker runners.”

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The weekly Saturday treasure hunt is one members seem to enjoy. Clues to destinations are given to map out a challenging running route and pairs have to upload pictures and videos of their antics on to the group’s Facebook page.

Chloe Newman and Fiona Norman BrownChloe Newman and Fiona Norman Brown
Chloe Newman and Fiona Norman Brown

Pick of the pairs were Chloe Newman and Fiona Norman-Brown with their own unique brand of videography and comedy. Sisters Natalie Jayne Grass and Rachel Mulvey were also very entertaining.

The challenges represent what the club is all about: hard work with a lot of laughs and everyone getting on board.

If you are interested in joining HY Runners, or have any interest at all in getting fitter and improving, regardless of your existing ability, come along and get involved.

Contact Head coach Terry Skelton on 07711 777363.

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