Meet Stravasaurus and friends - the inventions of Lewes athletes

With no activities possible on the Lewes athletics track and with runners only able to run by themselves or with one other person, Lewes AC club members are inventing new ways to keep fit and to enjoy their sport.

Friday, 5th February 2021, 1:30 pm
You wouldn't want to encounter this creature while out for a run...

The latest challenge is to create shapes and forms by running around Lewes streets in a socially distanced way and recording their efforts on their Strava watches.

Recognising the Lewes history with dinosaurs, you can guess what the first shape might have been. Yes... it is the new discovery of the Strava-saurus.

Other shapes and forms are being worked out so watch out for elephants and other weird and wonderful shapes appearing.

One of the inventive shapes created on Strava by Lewes AC members

These will be challenges for other club members to run and can be followed by cyclists and adult and junior walkers at their own speed.

Look out soon for the Bonfira-docus or even the Ouse-ceratops.

Other challenges include running to all the pubs in Lewes working out the shortest route.

For those of a more religious persuasion running to all the churches or even running past all the schools to mourn the empty spaces.

Those with an educational frame of mind will use the alphabet to run to streets starting with A then B and so on.

Throughout 2020 virtual races also took place when other Sussex clubs were challenged to team and individual events.

Virtual international competitions also took place when Lewes AC took on the club’s twinned club in France AS Marolles.

How is your sports club or organisation keeping members occupied during the latest lockdown? We want to hear about your projects and innovative ideas for keeping sporty types on the go. Email news and pictures to [email protected]