Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend is a winner

Burgess Hill Runners had a good turnout for the Mid Sussex Marathon weekend.

Spread across three days, the MSM comprises of the East Grinstead 10 mile, Haywards Heath 10 mile and the Burgess Hill 10k. Runners can take part in one, two or all of the races.

In the East Grinstead 10 mile, first for BHR was Phil Wallek in an impressive 1:09:59. He was followed by Chris Alden (1:11:13), Oliver Day (1:16:07), Neil Phillpot (1:19:23), Annette Maynard (1:20:07), Jack Maynard (1:22:41), Kath Wallek (1:22:45), Kevin Cross (1:30:03), Yasmine Allfrey (1:30:38), John Palmer (1:30:39), Mark Craigs (1:32:26), Ella Stanbrook (1:32:31), Antonia Boxall (1:34:31), Tshepo Mati (1:34:31), John Schofield (1:34:32), Thomas Peel-Yates (1:43:21), George Wotton (1:45:43), Tlou Mati (1:49:18), Nicola Saunders (1:49:27), Kim Gow (1:51:06), Jill Craigs (1:59:49), Viv Smith (1:59:49), Scarlett Macdonald (2:06:01), Eileen Adlam (2:41:22).

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Phil Wallek

In the Haywards Health 10 mile, first for BHR was Chris Alden in 1:10:28. He was followed by Ben Watts (1:11:14), Annette Maynard (1:18:48), Florence Robinson (1:19:18), Jack Maynard (1:21:38), Kevin Cross (1:22:59), Kath Wallek (1:23:04), John Palmer (1:31:31), Yasmine Allfrey (1:31:34), Ella Stanbrook (1:32:42), Mark Craigs (1:33:01), John Schofield (1:33:11), George Wotton (1:47:49), Nicola Saunders (1:47:53), Tlou Mati (1:52:26), Scarlett Macdonald (2:00:34).

In the Burgess Hill 10k, first for BHR was Jon Boxall in an amazing 37:42, which also meant he took second place overall. He was followed by Phil Wallek (40:40), Chris Alden (42:43), Kirsty Phillpot (43:13), Travis Golbey (43:59), Tom Dallman (45:14), Roger Beattie (45:37), Mark Santer (45:49), Gayle Tyler (46:21), Emily Orr (46:37), Neil Phillpot (47:48), Kevin Cross (48:21), Annette Maynard (48:56), Jack Maynard (50:01), Kath Wallek (50:34), Andy Starling (53:28), Tshepo Mati (54:50), John Schofield (55:19), Mark Craigs (55:52), Yasmine Allfrey (56:03), Sam Chislett (1:00:57), Ella Stanbrook (1:01:01), Jason Wadey (1:01:22), Clare Giles (1:02:20), Nicola Saunders (1:05:06), Tlou Mati (1:07:50), Scarlett Macdonald (1:11:08) and Caroline Santer (1:39:48).

Elsewhere, Adam Jandrell, Hugh Stevenage and Carole Mills took part in the London Vitality 10k, finishing in 52:28, 53:41 and 59:18 respectively.

In the Three Forts Challenge, Phil Wallek ran the marathon in 3:53:56. Chania Hemsley-Smith finished the half in 2:12:05, Sheryl Caldecourt in 2:16:33 and Chris Page in 2:22:08.

Burgess Hill Runners at the 10k / Picture: Allison Willcox

* Mid Sussex Triathlon Club’s Open Water swimming has started on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Usually between 20 and 40 swimmers participate.

The club is the only organisation with an agreement for swimming in Ardingly Reservoir with the Activity Centre.

Having qualified last year, Stewart Conway went all the way to Utah for the Ironman World Championships. But he suffered a stress fracture in training so could not push himself.

MSTC members at an Ardingly swimmer

He decided to go to enjoy the experience, finishing in 12hrs 37mins 30secs.

He said it had been an awesome experience, despite 33 degrees of dry heat, strong winds and more elevation on both the bike and the run than pretty much any other Ironman.

At Ironman 70.3 in Majorca, three MSTC members competed in the 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21.1km run in sunny conditions.

Andy McGregor finished in 5.49.40 followed closely by Katie McGregor in 5.53.11. Kate Bradford was delighted to finish in 6.44.42.

MSTC's Helen Graham and Doug MacTaggart at the Three Forts Challenge

In the Three Forts Challenge, Sussex Downs, Helen Graham & Douglas MacTaggart took on this tough marathon, which has 3450ft of climb. Helen said she ran faster with Doug than she would have without him.

Members are looking forward to hosting the popular Mid Sussex Triathlon at The Triangle, Burgess Hill, on June 12.