Kitesurfer Lewis Crathern / Pictures by Eunice Bergin and Danny Pitson

Picture gallery: Things are really taking off for kitesurfing - and Lewis

Kitesurfing is developing at a rapid rate on the south coast. And Worthing has become the UK capital of kitesurfing and watersports in general is booming.

By Steve Bone
Friday, 28th May 2021, 11:30 am

At the centre of it all is local expert Lewis Crathern, who you can see in these superb pictures by Eunice Bergin and Danny Pitson. He is a four-time British kitesurfing champion, 2016 Vice World Champion, 8X RedBull King of the Air competitor, past winner of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge, and Ambassador of the UK Kitesurfing Armada.

Crathern told us he wanted to spread the word about how the sport was – like the kites – really taking off, with this area at the forefront of developments.

He told us: “I have just signed with the Global Wind Energy Council, who have recently moved their media HQ to Shoreham Port in the new business centre. “The port has big plans to become more sustainable and green companies are moving in. Through the new partnership, GWEC and I will take my school programme global. We aim to educate the younger generation about wind power, represent GWEC and the global wind industry at global kitesurfing, wind industry and climate events, and collaborate on further initiatives to highlight the benefits of wind power and its role in combatting the dangerous impacts of climate change.

“I want young people, to know that jobs that surround their passions are possible to attain. I use my experiences pursuing a career in kiteboarding to highlight this.”

Then there’s the All on Board project. Crathern added: “This started in 2019 and has been instrumental in helping watersports grow in the Coastal West Sussex region. Samantha Smithson is the project leader.” The Time For Worthing place brand has promoted watersports incredibly really well, says Crathern. “The energetic, fresh content looks great,” he added.

“I am really proud to be part of the project and seeing what they’ve come up with is a great indication Worthing’s moving in the right direction.”

You can read more about the Global Wind Energy Council at and more about All on Board at

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