Polo flows for River as they chase Cats away to lift Tyro Cup

River lift the Tyro Cup / Picture by Clive Bennett - www.polopictures.co.ukRiver lift the Tyro Cup / Picture by Clive Bennett - www.polopictures.co.uk
River lift the Tyro Cup / Picture by Clive Bennett - www.polopictures.co.uk
The final of the Tyro Cup, the first of Cowdray Park’s 2019 tournaments, pitted River, the team of Cowdray’s longest standing patron, Andre Fattal, against David Turner’s DJ Cats.

Fattal took the No1 position for River, with 15-year-old Will Harper, now raised to two goals at No2, Glenn Sherriff (five goals) at three and Bauti Sorsana (five goals) at back.

Turner played at No1 for his team with four-goal players Niall Donnelly playing at two, Jake Daniels at three and Henry Fisher at back.

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In a lively match, young Harper went on the attack for River from the off. He was fouled and a 30-yard penalty gave Glenn Sherriff the opener for River. A neat goal from Turner levelled it.

Fisher brought the ball in from the back line and it wasn’t long before River were back in possession, a swift under-the-neck shot from Sherriff securing the lead again for Fattal’s side. Sorsana won the ball from the throw-in and sent a long shot forward which Daniels intercepted. A scramble for the ball resulted in a spot hit awarded to DJ Cats in front of the goal and the score was level again.

Get all your local sport hereChukka two opened with a spot penalty shot from Fisher. Harper stole the ball but action was halted as Daniels fell from his pony.

DJ Cats went on the attack but Daniels’ shot went wide. Attempts at goal by Sorsana and Harper for River also failed to hit the mark but finally Daniels scrambled the ball between the posts for DJ Cats to take a 3-2 lead.

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River won the ball from the throw-in but good attacking play failed to result in a goal. However, Sherriff’s persistence paid off with a lovely goal which made it 3-3. A whistle closed the action at half-time.

A 50-year league tableChukka three saw Sherriff continue with attacking play and good defensive work from Fisher, but play became a little messy and no goals resulted from the chukka.

Chukka four opened with a hit-in from Sorsana, Sherriff moving the ball onwards and Harper continuing the forward play. A whistle gave Fisher the chance to send the ball forward for DJ Cats but Sorsana intercepted and passed the ball to Sherriff, whose excellent goal gave a 4-3 lead to River.

Fisher won the ball from the throw-in and sent it long; Sorsana intervened and the ball was fought over before finally Sherriff swooped in and raced with it all the way to make it 5-3.

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River won the ball from the throw-in and within moments Sherriff had secured a lead of 6-3. Once more River went on the attack but Daniels put paid to their efforts, grabbing the ball and passing to Turner, who made the final goal of the match – but it was too late to precent a 6-4 win for River.

Turner’s partner, Ellie Lines, presented the trophy to a delighted Fattal, and prizes to all players. The award for best playing pony went to Chaz, owned and played by Sherriff.

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