Report, pictures and video - Sussex youngsters can enjoy summer sport coaching again

CACL Sports sessions are up and runningCACL Sports sessions are up and running
CACL Sports sessions are up and running
CACL Coaching Schools have continued in the Eastbourne area throughout the year despite the Covid-19 virus.

This summer holiday period they have continued to coach, setting up Summer Coaching Schools with great help and assistance from St Johns School, St Andrews Prep and the University of Brighton.

Chris Pinch, director of C.A.C.L Sports said: “This has certainly been the most stressful and difficult time for us with so many government Covid regulations and National Sporting Body guidelines.

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“We have had to double staff and the space which meant unfortunately we couldn’t accommodate everyone but we felt it important to offer our loyal members the football and gym coaching opportunities they had been used to having with us.

“We have had such a positive response from parents who are delighted to have their kids being active once more. It has been great seeing football games being played and the gymnasts tumbling and vaulting again. It should have been our 40th anniversary this year but we had to postpone for a year.

“We’ve had the privilege of coaching over 5,000 children and it was going to be a great day, inviting all our former coaches and old members back to celebrate the last four decades of coaching. .. but like so many of us during this time we have to be patient and wait our time and be safe.

“It has been a privilege for Cheryl (Joint Director) myself and all the CACL team to have been part of these young people’s lives.”

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