Lewis Crathern has been kitesurfing on these shores and in Cape Town in recent months / Pictures; Eunice Bergin

Storm Barra leads to record leap for Sussex kitesurfer - check out the spectacular pictures

Some people dread it when they hear weather forecasters saying the next named storm is on the way. Not Lewis Crathern.

By Steve Bone
Friday, 7th January 2022, 3:00 pm

For the kitesurfing specialist from Worthing, such conditions bring challenges - and opportunities. Here's Lewis's rundown of his recent activities - many of which have been possible because of those storms.

King of the Air 2021 Event Cape Town: "13th place overall result: Not the result I wanted from King of the Air this year but I leave knowing I gave it my all. I still keep my top five ranking in the world a the King of the Air but after nine consecutive events I am uncertain if I will compete in 2022. I am ready for a change."

Storm Arwin, Worthing area: "November and December have been superb here in the Worthing area. The storm conditions that I have grown up with it the beaches in full force. 5X World Champion Aaron Hadlow (blue kite in photos) joined me for a memorable session up in Littlehampton.

"The new watersports centre and The Beach Cafe Littlehampton are the perfect venues to kite at, people can watch and become interested in the sport while they have lunch/coffee. I have enjoyed performing live demonstrations at the venue throughout the summer and will continue to do so in 2022. Set-ups like this are essential for people to access the ocean for the first time but they are also important for the next generation who can start their journeys here. I am so proud of the many establishments cropping up on the south coast."

Storm Barra, new height record in North Kent: "18.4 metres was enough to take the record for biggest jump recorded in North Kent this December. Conditions are almost reversed when compared to my home town of Worthing. Luckily experience of riding left foot forward in Cape Town helped me secure the record on a last minute trip to Kent. I expect the record to be broken again soon so I can only train hard in Worthing for the next storm."

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