Westgate gymnasts refuse to let lockdown stop them competing

Just over a year ago, Westgate Gymnastics competed at the 1066 competition in Hastings.

Jusrt some of the Westgate gymnasts who shone in the 1066 club's competition
Jusrt some of the Westgate gymnasts who shone in the 1066 club's competition

And in unprecedented times this year, nothing stopped 21 of the club’s gymnasts taking part in their first online virtual competition which was hosted by the 1066 club.

The gymnasts have worked very hard over a month, some putting together their own choreographed floor routines – coming up with some very impressive results.

Part of the credit must also go to the parents, for their perseverance and patience in helping them practice at home.

The coaches were extremely pleased the club was invited to take part this year again.

Some of the gymnasts have never competed before, so it has been a good introduction for a first experience to competition and also a time to showcase their gymnastics after a hard year not being able to participate in the sport they love.

Daisy Bence was awarded for the best choreographed routine and Erin Chandler won a prize for the best personality and smile.

The following were entered in their age categories:

Age 4 -6

Flora Brace (3rd)

Nancy Knowles

Age 7 - 9 Set Routine A

Georgina Molson-North (1st)

Age 7 - 9 Set Routine B

Edie Davies (2nd)

Alyssia Smyth (3rd)

Poppy Alden

Bonnie McLeod

Martha Brace

Lucy Osbourne

Age 10 Routine B

Anya Dickinson(1st)

Age 7 - 9 Squad

Erin Chandler

Luna Golby

Eleanor Forden

Age 9 - 12 Squad

Lana OMuchu (4th)

Kyah Barnett (6th)

Hazel Peters

Alyssia Cramp

Chloe Cramp

Age 12+ Squad

Cerys Dickinson (2nd)

Amaya Armah-White

Daisy Bence

This has been a great start to March for Westgate Gymnastics. With the fantastic results of the competition this month, the club are also celebrating as they have reached their fundraising target to purchase a new set of A-symmetric bars.

Thanks goes to Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council for their parts in helping to achieve the clubs goal which will benefit so many from the community for years to come.

Because the sports hall being used as a vaccination centre, when gymnastics is able to return after April 12, Westgate Gymnastics will be temporarily relocating to The Bourne Leisure Centre in Southbourne for training.

For any enquiries or interests joining, contact Tracey or Michelle on 07594 550312 or email [email protected]