Quite Tricky Sports Quiz June 2: the answers

Earlier today we asked you to name as many British-born heavyweight boxing champions as you can.

The answers are: Bob Fitzsimmons (born Cornwall, May 26, 1863); Lennox Lewis (b. West Ham, September 2, 1965); Michael Bentt (born East Dulwich, London, September 4, 1964, but raised in the USA); Frank Bruno (b. Hammersmith, London, November 16, 1961); Henry Akinwande (b. London, October 12, 1965; went to live in his parents’ homeland of Nigeria as a four-year-old, coming back to England at 21 in 1986). David Haye (b. Bermondsey, London, October 13, 1980).Herbie Hide, from Norwich, was born in Owerri, Nigeria, on August 27, 1971, before moving to England as a boy.

We’ll be back same time next week with another brain-teaser for you.