COLUMN: Rocks critics are only showing they care

Ibra Sekajja heads home for the Rocks against Chippenham / Picture by Tommy McMillanIbra Sekajja heads home for the Rocks against Chippenham / Picture by Tommy McMillan
Ibra Sekajja heads home for the Rocks against Chippenham / Picture by Tommy McMillan
So it didn't happen. Next week it will be Oxford City who will travel to Football League side Colchester in the FA Cup first round '“ meaning we're still waiting, as we have been since 1995, to reach this promised land.

As fans we used this cup run as a break from the league, where results just haven’t happened after our excellent start. The 3-2 win vs Bath followed by the excellent 2-2 draw at Poole a few days later feels a lifetime ago after Saturday’s defeat versus Chippenham.

Social media and our messageboard are full of ideas as to how and why it’s gone wrong, which promotes debate between everyone – and even Jack Pearce himself has become involved in a few conversations with some fans over their beliefs and views as to how and why things aren’t going our way.

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Personally I feel the club are in exactly the position we’d have probably expected as we kicked off v Bath City. To not be in the relegation zone as we near November would be a position I’m certain all Rocks fans would have taken.

Jack mentions there have been personal comments in our fans’ criticisms and that this may stop some prospective signings coming to the Lane.

I believe that compared to some forums in our league, ours is actually very tame and I’m sure plenty of managers up and down the country would be happy with the cricitism given by our fans when you see the abuse given on other clubs sites.

Fans pay their money and are entitled to their opinion but one thing I believe in is that cricitism means one thing: that the person making it cares so deeply about the club that they’ll happily post their views to others to try to help let off some steam or promote discussion.

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Even among the critics, everyone sees it differently and that’s the beauty of football . If we all had the same ideas it would be boring.

This Saturday we make the longest trip of the season to Truro (196 miles) and despite our poor form and league position, a coach is still booked and there are plenty of fans taking flights the day before to cheer on the Rocks.

This support is essential now more than ever and I thank all of those travelling and look forward to seeing many of you at 7am as we set of from the Nye Camp for a long, but hopefully worthwhile, journey to deepest, darkest Cornwall.

Come on you Rocks!!