Runners compete in inaugural marathon

SUSSEX Trail Events, based in Worthing, held the inaugural Lemmings Track Marathon on Saturday at Durrington High School.

Race winner James Elson
Race winner James Elson

The race consisted of competitors completing 106 laps of a 400 metre grass track.

There were 33 runners who signed up to take part in the event, many of them belonging to local clubs such as Arunners, Burgess Hill Runners and Goring Road Runners.

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The event also attracted Steve Edwards, who holds the world record for completing 500 marathons, all in less than three and a half hours.

Runners were also able to run with Robert Young, who is currently in the process of running 367-plus marathons in 365 days to beat the current record of most marathons run consecutively.

In the men’s race, the first to finish was James Elson in 3hr 03min 23sec. Paul Sargent, of Burgess Hill Runners, was second in 3-14-14 and Edwards was third in 3-25-52.

The women’s race was won by Catherine Edeam in 3-49-21. Arunners’ Nuala Smyth was second in 4-10-15 and Sarah Sawyer was third in 4-10-37.

The event was a great success and Sussex Trail Events will look to hold the race again next year, which will also include a 12-hour track race.

Full times: James Elson 3-03-23; Paul Sargent 3-14-14; Steve Edwards 3-25-52; Richard Shlovoght 3-26-58; Ben Friend 3-34-46; Rashaad Shabab 3-40-35; Michael Ellingsen 3-42-44; Timothy Boone 3-44-58; Catherine Edeam 3-49-21; Keith Vallis 3-49-58; Tom Sawyer 3-51-04; Russ Doherty 3-56-40; Robert Young 4-00-05; Mark Johnson 4-02-07; James Price 4-04-12; Jesus Prieto-Lloret 4-04-41; Dave Standing-Knight 4-07-01; Richard Hyde 4-10-05;

Nuala Smyth 4-10-37; Sarah Sawyer 4-10-15; Pat Norris 4-14-46; Maria Pali 4-31-37; Emily Hannon 4-31-22; Graham Clarke 4-36-59; Neil Dawson 4-36-59; Paul Sahota 4-59-32; Emine Ismail de Sanchez 5-07-10; Kaja Kosla 5-13-39; Elizabeth Chapman 5-17-15; Paul Eastabrook 5-54-50; Tim Lupton 6-32-06.