Youth footballers and golfers: A shocking case of discrimination - opinion

Unfortunately, the second lockdown was always going to be inevitable, especially when huge numbers of perceived intelligent people were blinkered when it came to ‘superspreading’.

Young footballers in Sussex won't see any action during lockdown
Young footballers in Sussex won't see any action during lockdown

But the latest regulations have two glaring anomalies that when analysed clearly show the guidelines to be flawed given what people can still do during the current lockdown.

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Youth football: every weekend, hundreds of thousands of British youngsters, boys and girls, aged between 5-16, train and play football over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Right across Sussex the number of youngsters taking part in organised football must be touching the five-figure mark, and right from the outset when the Leagues returned in September every club has strictly adhered to social distancing at both training and games.

Youngsters getting out, getting fresh air and exercise, staying healthy, and through the aforementioned ‘social distancing’ staying as safe as they possibly can.

Yet at the stroke of a Government Pen, youth football is stopped immediately, despite school team sports continuing in the educational curriculum.

These guidelines effectively outlawing exercise and fresh air, replacing it by putting the local youth population on the sofa in front of a games console or home computer instead?

What would Napoleon Bonaparte say, Boris is spawning a nation of couch potatoes?

So, parents can go to Supermarkets and numerous other outlets still allowed to remain open on a Saturday or Sunday morning, but can’t do what they’ve already been doing anyway, and watch their respective youngsters playing football in a safe environment?

When the youngsters are doing the self-same thing at school Monday to Friday?

The whole thing is farcical, though does it really come as no big surprise given the government's current form?

And the other ‘oversight’ golf!

Tell me how its deemed safe for any given member of the public to enter a supermarket with numbers of unconnected members of the public, but two people can’t play 18 holes of golf whilst keeping a safe distance of each other throughout the entire round?

How is golf more dangerous than a supermarket under those conditions?

If only Tarby was running the country…………