Steyning snowboard star Charlie taking world by storm

Steyning snowboard sensation Charlie Lane's rapid rise is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Steyning snowboard star Charlie Lane in action at the German Masters competition he won earlier in the year
Steyning snowboard star Charlie Lane in action at the German Masters competition he won earlier in the year

The talented 11-year-old has starred during his first year on the World Rookie Tour, ending the season with a world ranking of seventh.

Charlie left home last October for a pre-season training camp in Austria and has taken things to a whole new level since then.

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Travelling and competiting across Europe in the youth tour for snowboarders under the age of 16, Charlie has shone despite being one of the youngest involved.

Reward for his efforts across the campaign will now see Steyning star Charlie compete in the World Rookie Tour Finals in Austria later this month.

National and regional qualification has been up for grabs since September, with the remaining spots going to those who finished the season ranked in the top ten.

Charlie ended the campaign as the seventh best snowboarder on the tour and can’t wait to test himself against the best individuals under the age of 16 in the world.

He said: “I am so happy just to reach the finals being so young, it is going to be an amazing experience t compete against the best snowboarders in the world much older than me.”

Charlie has got better as the season has gone on, winning the Austrian and German under-12 slopestyle supergrom category last month. All focus is on doing well at the World Tour Finals but Charlie also has big events to come after that.

The Steyning youngster will round off his Valley Rally campaign, with the final leg upcoming.

He added: “Once I finish the World Rookie Tour Finals, I have one big event to prepare for, the final leg of the Valley Rally. I am training hard on the pro-line kickers which are huge, they are 18 metres before I land. This gives me time to get big air off the jumps and time for my spins. I am hoping by the end of the season to have completed my 100 backflip of jumps, as well as getting onto my 720 spins, which are two full rotations spins before I land 18 metres from the jump.

“I have been working so hard with my coach Steve Addicott of ‘Why Ain’t You Jibbin’, he is the best.”