Sun shines on Crablands ... Witterings wilt ... Pagham issue an invite

Crablands Bowls Club enjoyed a sunny day for their season opener. A spider competition was won for the men by Doug Muncey and for the ladies by Pat Jones.

Winners of the day’s competition were Alan Blyth, Joyce Harman, Meg Pocock, Stevie Brooks and Billy Jones.

Bedhampton 99 Crablands 84

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Crablands’ first away game of the season ended in defeat.

Scores: G Humphreys, R Osborn, J Tyrrell lost 20-16; C Garland, Y Clifton, J Rawlins won 19-12;

C Lewendon, A Humphreys, D Adams lost 23-18; V Tyrrell, V Dudman, B Foyle lost 24-15; M Bateman, L Lewenson, M Heasman lost 20-16.

West Tarring 85 Crablands 64

The first league game of the season ended in a disappointing defeat at West Tarring. Crablands won on only one rink.

Scores: R Neate, M Cambell, A Batemen, M Heasman lost 25-16; E Potz, J Saunders, A Blyth, D Adams lost 22-16; B Berry, D Muncey, R Humphrey, D Clacey won 21-12; B Jones, C Pestle, R Eastland, J Harman lost 26-11.

Chichester 88 Crablands 67

A four-rink friendly was played against Chichester on a lovely afternoon, but it resulted in a loss for Crablands.

Scores: D Jona, L Lewendon, J Johnston, J Saunders won 21-17; B Jones, J Tyrrell, C Pestle, R Eastland lost 32-12; E Potz, M Cambell, A Blyth, D Adams won 21-16; D Martin, D Eggleton, A Humphreys, M Heasman lost 23-13.

Little Spain 85 Crablands 93

Crablands didn’t have far to travel to face Little Spain. It resulted in their first win of the season.

Scores: B Jones, B Neate, B Chandler, S Blyth won 25-10; D Jonas, A Gilling, S Brooks, A Bateman won 20-15; D Jones, M Peacock, J Johnston, J Lindley lost 23-17; R Neate, P Jones, J Taylor, J Harman lost 22-17; C Lewendon, L Lewendon, J Harman, A Blyth lost 15-14.

Crablands 75 Stedham 56

Crablands played their first home game of the season, winning on three rinks and drawing on the other, winning overall by 19 shots.

Scores: P Jones, J Johnston, J Rawlins won 23-11; R Osborn, E Clifton, R Eastland won 18-14; V Dudman, S Brooks, R Shambrook won 15-12; B Foyle, S Blyth, C Bowles drew 19-19.

Crablands opened their doors to welcome new members to the club. The first rain for many weeks didn’t put off potential new members. Six joined on the day and several others said they’d take time to consider joining, so it was a very successful day.


Witterings 64 Middleton 68

Witterings played in a four triples men’s friendly against Middleton.

It was very close with Witterings ahead until the final end of the last match when Middleton took six shots to claim the overall victory by four shots.

Scores: M Gough, G Thomas & J Hostler (s) won 21-18; S Maclean, F Knotts & B Horsley (s) won 22-14; G Harsant, D Jeffryes & S Hooker (s) lost 20-8; B Curtis, P Chivers & L Bangs (s) lost 16-13.

Petworth 83 Witterings 56

In a four triples mixed friendly, the rain kept away and all had an enjoyable match. Witterings found the artificial surface difficult and lost by 27 shots.

Scores: M Lilllywhite, Di Leach & R Stephens (s) lost 21-15; G Porter, L Bangs & C Horsley (s) lost 24-13; C Porter, J Mulligan & B Horsley (s) lost 18-12; P Chivers, J Bangs & P Lillywhite (s) lost 20-16.


The club are staging an ‘introduction to bowls’ day this Saturday from 10am to midday at which anyone can go along and try the sport.

There’s free 90-minute coaching sessions every Tuesday from next week, with a 10am start.

The club are based at Swansea Gardens, off Victoria Road North, Bognor.

Pagham won 31-29 when two mixed triples hosted a BM League match versus Aldingbourne. Pagham took five points.

Scores: Pat Friday, Ron Friday, Paul Mayoss drew 14-14; Sabina Livermore, Graham Ireland, Roy Livermore won 17-15.

Pagham’s four rinks won 82-74 in a Men’s League game against Aldingbourne, taking four points.

Scores: Arthur Jeffrey, Nick Terry, Bagsy Smith, Roy Livermore lost 23-19; Peter Langridge, Douglas Vaughan, Gerry Stevens, Paul Mayoss lost 21-11; Peter Green, Peter Quilter, Len Hall, Eric King won 31-6; Robert Pearson, Brian Sales, Mick Adams, Mike English lost 24-21.

A ladies’ visit to Aldingbourne resulted in league and friendly defeats.

Scores: (league) Diana Mitchell, Jackie Sales, Joan Wells, Gill Conley lost 27-19; Sabina Livermore, Janet Boucher, Chris Mayoss, Maureen King lost 27-9; (friendly) Eileen Terry, Judy Warner, Doreen Ellis, Annie Ross lost 36-11.

Two mixed triples lost 37-29 in the BM League against Arundel. Pagham took no points.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Graham Ireland, Frances Ireland lost 16-14; Daniel Lovell, Chris Mayos, Maureen King lost 21-15.

A four-rink Men’s League game against Arundel ended in an 80-76 defeat but a haul of four points.

Scores: Robert Pearson, Brian Sales, Derek Levy, Mike English lost 20-15; Nick Terry, Tony Cleaver, Bagsy Smith, Eric King won 26-23; Peter Green, Alan Boucher, Len Hall, Paul Mayoss won 18-11; Tony Wells, Roy Donaldson, Gerry Stevens, Dave Spink lost 26-17.


Middleton’s opening match at home to Arundel in the Littlehampton Gazette League saw all four losing rinks each score 13 in an 82-64 defeat for the hosts. Middleton took two points.

Scores: S Jackson, N Robertson, G Smith, B Murray lost 19-13; C Pratt, R Wheeler, J Beavan, M Feneley won 25-13; G Addicott, D Gower, J Graham, J Wilson lost 24-13; A Nurse, K Jenkins, D Jones, R Wootton lost 26-13.

A triples friendly away to Wittering in ideal bowling weather resulted in a 68-64 win for Middleton.

Scores: K Noyce, K Jenkins, R Wootton won 20-8; L Oldridge, J Graham, J Wilson won 16-13; R Payne, A Nurse, B Murray lost 21-18; C Pratt, B Bravington, M Feneley lost 22-14.


Southbourne 30 Fishbourne 33

In a home BML match against Fishbourne both triples were closely fought, but Southbourne drew on one triple and lost on the other. In the friendly triple Southbourne had a convincing win.

Scores: K Shelley, J Jennings, R A Bull drew 18-18 with K Fancy, J Conway, P Winter; I Jennings, A Shelley, W Coates lost 15-12 to J Heffer, K Burt, P White; (friendly) A Greenfield, E Johnson, D Young beat M Keane, G Evans, P Massey 21-10.

Southbourne 73 Hayling Island 75

In their home Reflex Match against Hayling Island, in spite of winning on three of the five triples Southbourne still lost on the overall score by two.

Scores: K Alner, D Walter, P Garrard won 13-11: A Greenfield, E Johnson, J Staker lost 26-7;

V Artmstrong, M Soper, F Heil won 19-9; I Jennings, W Coates, F Brimcome lost 20-9; J Jennings, M Baylis, D Alner won 25-9.

Southbourne 82 Petworth 81

In their first Littlehampton Gazette League match, Southbourne had a good match with Petworth, winning on three out of the four triples and just managing an overall win.

Scores: K Lockyer, E Johnson, R Bull, D Alner won 23-21; S Soper, F Armstrong, M Soper, P Butler lost 25-14; L Walter, D Moseley, A Smith, A Bull won 26-18; D Walter, A Shelley, R Armstrong, D Fewell won 19-17.


Fishbourne 74 Telepost 67

Scores: K Makin, I Roberts, B Wallsgrove won 23-10; J Summers, N Saunders, M Howard lost 25-17; D Humphreys, A Saunders, B Henham won 21-16; N Campbell, J Conway, G Summers lost 16-13.

Fishbourne 71 Emsworth 57

Scores: K Ridley, V Frost, M Howard won 16-14; S Lewis, N Saunders, T Dewing won 23-11; S Buckle, M Bleach, G Jefkins won 22-14; W Dean, A Saunders, B Wallsgrove lost 18-10.


Div 2: Arundel 57 Storrington 35 (M Wallinger 23 P Bain 19; A Olliver 34 J Ackerman 16).

Div 1: Aldingbourne 54 Pagham 28 (J Whetstone 27 G Conley 19; J Hamilton 27 M King 9).