Super Steve wins top title in Scotland

A talented fighter from the Bexhill-based Freestyle Combat Academy won a prestigious title in Scotland.
Steve Martin, of Freestyle Combat Academy, with his title belt.Steve Martin, of Freestyle Combat Academy, with his title belt.
Steve Martin, of Freestyle Combat Academy, with his title belt.

Steve Martin was crowned the WRSA super heavyweight kickboxing champion after recording a second round stoppage victory on Saturday.

Freestyle Combat Academy head coach Matt Braybrook said: “This was a fantastic win. Going all the way to Scotland and beating someone in their home town is always a tough task.

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“I would like to thank the travelling supporters and the corner team for their help on the day.”

Both fighters landed some heavy shots and tested each other during the first round, but Martin started to get the upper hand in the latter part of the round, landing heavy roundhouse kicks to his opponent’s body.

On advice from his corner, Martin targeted his opponent’s body in the second round, landing his trademark body shots and clearly putting his opponent in trouble.

With his opponent unable to defend himself, the referee stepped in to call a halt to the bout, crowning Martin the new champion.

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Anyone interested in learning kickboxing or other martial arts can contact Matt on 07792 758970.

Freestyle Combat Academy teaches kickboxing, white collar boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and combat kids classes.

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