A fine day at Glyndebourne

Don Giovanni, 
Glyndebourne Festival 
until July 15

There’s nothing like a summer outing to Glyndebourne and it’s something I recommend everyone should experience.

This year it was Don Giovanni by Mozart, which blends comic, tragic and supernatural themes together.

The music and singers’ voices were beautiful, including some captivating songs with a mixture of male and female voices.

Period costumes were juxtaposed with a bleak and imposing set.

My favourite bit was a sloping table raised up from the ground, which then moved to reveal a spooky grave.

It was definitely among my favourite operas I have seen at Glyndebourne.

Apart from the beautiful music, we had everything you could expect from a day out at Glyndebourne.

An overcast late summer evening, a lovely picnic and the joy of walking about the grounds people watching.

This time I saw several people wearing capes which was a first.

I’m not entirely sure when people started wearing opera capes but I like them. And I think I might want one.

By Samantha Clark