Arundel Players offer acoustic night as they open up their home

The Arundel Players are offering Acoustic @ The Priory Playhouse on Saturday, July 30, doors open at 7pm (tickets via the Arundel Players website).

Matt Bonner
Matt Bonner

Spokesman Matt Bonner, who is also one of the performers, explained: “As a group, we decided that as the Priory is such a beautiful venue, it is a real shame that we were previously open only for our five productions a year.

“That leaves us with a huge amount of time where little was happening with the people of Arundel.

“We are now looking at ways where we can open for events throughout the year and have plans for a Christmas showcase, swing night and many more. There are so many talented people in the local area and we would love to share these with Arundel.

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    “We have links with St Philip Howard School for their GCSE and A Level performing arts students to perform in the space, which has run for a few years now and it has been great to showcase the talents of the next generation.

    “We will also be opening up for coffee mornings and drinks on a monthly basis and are looking forward to hopefully seeing new faces at these events.”

    As for Acoustic @ The Priory Playhouse, Matt said: “James D’Maxim is an acoustic emo artist from Chichester who wears his heart on his sleeve. Fresh off a recent UK tour with Lewis Mckale, James will be releasing his new EP later this year.”

    Matt himself is a singer-songwriter based in Worthing. His debut album Songs to Live By is available on Spotify and he is currently recording a new album . Matt has been in a number of productions at the Arundel Priory Playhouse and is also a com mittee member.

    “Matt Johnson performs a best of the 90s set condensed into 30 minutes. Expect to hear some of your favourite 90s anthems!”

    Matt is based in Lancing.

    “Sophie Hodgson is a musician and singer-songwriter from Chichester who will take you on a roller-coaster ride with her emotive collection of original material. She also enjoys throwing in some complementary covers and a few surprises!

    “Rolf and Dawne are Bonny R. Together they have a musical style born out of Rolf's r ock roots and Dawne’s haunting vocals. They have been part of the Open Mic crowd in Worthing and surrounding areas for four years. They write, play and sing their own music.”

    Coming up from the Arundel Players for the Arundel Festival is Barn um, Saturday to Friday, August 20-26, 7.30pm; Saturday matinee August 20, 2.30pm

    “PT Barnum, the greatest showman on earth, combines razzle-dazzle with charm and brass to sell humbug to cheering crowds. This will be a joyful and moving musical portrait of the 19th-century’s greatest show-biz legend. Barnum is a colourful, dynamic spectacle with heart.

    “Tickets for all our events can be booked from”