Bamboology comes to Hastings Country Park

Hastings Country Park features a large-scale art installation by Joseph Williams.

Work by Joseph Williams
Work by Joseph Williams

Joseph explained: “I'm a local artist, architectural designer, bamboo builder and founder of Bamboology.

“Bamboology designs and constructs unique environments and artworks from bamboo and other organic material, drawing from traditional craft skills to harness the incredible natural properties within nature's design.

“I am fascinated by the act of placemaking and our experience of the built environment. I see each project as an opportunity to engage in the unique qualities of a site and people.

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    "My work aims to respond not only to the social political and physical landscape but also the inner world of scene exploration and emotion. Each project is build up of many layers of meaning and narrative, hybridising and shedding as it grows into a final form.

    “It’s a bombastic alchemy of tent temples and bamboo, it’s a vision of living, loving and dancing lightly on the earth with bamboo and colour.

    “My latest work the Hay Stook was commissioned in part by Hastings Borough Council as part of an environmental, educational and arts programme surrounding the opening of the New Bale House visitor centre in Hastings Country Park (HCP).

    "My proposed site and focus was on the meadows that have been left to grow in the car park area and next to the new building along with a national movement to reintroduce wild meadow habitat to our public spaces.

    “The sculptures represent a response to the ephemeral nature of the seasons of growth and harvest found in this act of meadow making that we are reengaging with.

    "The first of three sculptures to be built over the course of the summer celebrates the blooming of meadow flowers such as the spotted orchid which has directly inspired the form and timing of this work.

    "The installation is currently installed next to the Bale Hose and people are invited to stoop and crawl within the art work through low openings where they might feel like a visiting invertebrate."​​​​​​​