Band Timeless score Worthing school and Horsham competition successes

Skoolfest Worthing proved a great debut opportunity for five-piece band Timeless.


Now they have capitalised on it with success at Horsham’s Battle of the Bands where they won best covers band.

15-year-old Steyning Grammar School student Brooke Largue-Wright, who is one of the two female vocalists in the group alongside three male instrumentalists, was delighted with the way their first chance to perform went – and how they fared in Horsham.

Skoolfest was organised by Northbrook Metropolitan College.

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    “They set it up for high school students to perform and represent their schools. My band didn't represent a school because we are all at different schools but they let us in. And it was great fun.”

    The band is called Timeless: “We went through quite a lot of names before we came up with that one but we're pleased with it. We got together because we went to BIMM kids in Brighton which is for young people up to 16 to work together as bands and perform. We met there and we got a bit too old for it so we decided to create a band. We set it up about four months ago and Skoolfest was our first gig. It went really well. We are really pleased with it. It was a great opportunity to experience being on a stage and they have really good equipment. They have a really good sound system and sound quality and it was amazing having the staff there helping us. It was like being a pop star for a day!”

    And that's certainly the way Brooke hopes her life is leading: “I've been singing since I was born! I used to write songs and do karaoke. I was always singing and now I'm wanting to make it more of a career of it. I just really enjoy it. I love singing to an audience and having a message and when people enjoy a show and just really making a connection with people. I think singing is a really great skill to have and it is my life's purpose really! I want to make a career out of it. That would be just amazing.”

    Skoolfest was the ideal opportunity: “I think you've got to be doing things like that and joining bands and gigging and just getting experience. There are lots of things that you need to be doing and we really enjoyed doing this.”

    “We do a variety of music at the moment. We do rock songs and we do things like Amy Winehouse and Kings Of Leon but we're starting to write songs and we're hoping to do more of that.”

    It’s GCSE year next year after which Brooke is hoping to do A level music and perhaps go on to music college: “The singer that I really love is Christina Aguilera. It is her vocal technique that I aspire to, just the way that she can project and her runs. She has got a unique voice but there's a real technique underneath it. I also really love Amy Winehouse, the same vocal technique. I just really love really strong female voices.”

    Horsham Battle of the Bands 2022 results: Original Bands – 1st: Demure; 2nd: Space Fishermen; 3rd: Common Buzzards. Acoustic Originals – 1st: 3times7; 2nd: MCM; 3rd: Molly McKenna/Zoe Zori. Cover Acts: 1st: Timeless; 2nd: Evading Solaris; 3rd: Sugar Honey.