Brighton: Darwin Deez and Patrick Kielty dates

Darwin Deez is offering a UK tour performing his debut album Darwin Deez in full with dates including May 21 at Brighton’s Old Market.

Darwin Deez......
Darwin Deez......

A spokesman said: “Upon its release in April 2010, Darwin Deez’s debut album was met with universal praise from international media. Now, in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release, the album will be performed in its entirety at a number of live shows across the UK.

“Renowned for the most entertaining performances, with added choreographed dance routines, don’t miss your chance to witness a rare insight into everything a pop star should be, and yet so rarely is. Championed by the likes of BBC Radio 1 and the NME, the latter even named him the tenth coolest musician on the planet. There was nobody around quite like Darwin, and his wonderfully off-kilter debut album is testament to that fact.

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“Recording the album in his own apartment using only a PC and a cheap microphone, the songs are mostly stripped down, simple and unadorned but they throb deliciously with life and a rare wit."

Also coming up in Brighton, Comedian Patrick Kielty has embarked on his brand-new stand-up tour – his first UK dates since 2015. Dates include The Old Market on May 19.

Borderline sees Patrick Kielty return to his satirical roots with a personal take on borders, national identity and the future of the Union in a post-Brexit landscape. As a Northern Ireland native, who grew up close to the Irish border, this new one-man stand-up show delves into his homeland’s recent history to try to make sense of what Brexit’s new borders and political upheaval means for our shared identities.

Patrick said: “The world’s been turned on its head the past few years and thanks to Brexit, we’re more obsessed with borders and national identity than ever. With Northern Ireland at the centre of it all, it feels like the right time to get back on stage and try to make some sense of where we’re heading.”

“When I did the last show, my life had changed a lot. For this show, the world has changed a lot. The show’s called Borderline. It’s about identity and how we feel about ourselves and each other. We’ve had Brexit and Trump and all of this turmoil coming from Northern Ireland. What was weird was actually getting back out there and talking about stuff in Northern Ireland that maybe you grew up with, but that you never thought a wider audience would actually have any interest in.”

“Now, as a result of Brexit, we have got the Northern Ireland Protocol and all of these other things. So it’s nice to get up there and try to make sense of what’s going on. What we’ve done in Northern Ireland may become more important to the rest of the world. Because we’ve come through a heck of a lot, we might actually have a little superpower. We should be more vocal in telling our story in a positive way.”