Brighton date as singer-songwriter Lewis Barfoot launches new album

Following the success of her debut album Glenaphuca in 2021, singer-songwriter and contemporary folk artist Lewis Barfoot is hitting the road for the launch of her second album, HOME, with gigs including Brighton’s Folklore Rooms on Wednesday, September 13.
Lewis Barfoot by Kate BeanLewis Barfoot by Kate Bean
Lewis Barfoot by Kate Bean

Spokesman James Heward said: “Set to release on 17th November 2023, this album promises to captivate audiences with its heartfelt storytelling and ethereal folk melodies. Lewis Barfoot’s musical journey takes a deeply personal turn with “HOME,” as she explores her Irish heritage and delves into the haunting narratives of her Cork-born female relatives. The album sheds light on a dark past of institutional incarceration, delicately transformed by Lewis into a collection of beautiful songs. Through her evocative lyrics, and the exquisite purity of her voice “HOME” holds the power to heal the wounds of the past and inspire future generations to live fearlessly.

“The album’s uplifting and inspirational nature is enriched by Lewis Barfoot’s seamless introduction of a rhythm section to her folk palette. Her voice reaches new depths of beauty, enveloping listeners in a timeless and enchanting atmosphere. Comparisons to acclaimed artists such as Kate Rusby, Sandy Denny, Máire Brennan, a young Joni Mitchell, and Julie Fowlis further underscore Lewis Barfoot’s status as a gifted and captivating storyteller.

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“In the creation of “HOME,” Lewis Barfoot collaborated with Kerry Andrew (aka You Are Wolf), who provides enchanting backing vocals on two songs. Additionally, Ben See lent his arranging talents to create a choral arrangement that brings a breathtaking closure to the album. The album was recorded at Wavefield Studios in Cork and in her home studio. Mixed by Giles Barrett (Lightship95, London) and mastered by Pete Maher.

“Barfoot’s “HOME” promises to be a musical masterpiece, fusing rich storytelling, haunting melodies, and soul-stirring vocals. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as Lewis takes to the stage in London, Cambridge, Brighton, Lowestoft, Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Norwich and Bath. The UK tour is supported by Culture Ireland.”

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