Brighton's Dulcetones promise "categorical choral Christmas miracle"

Brighton-based community choir The Dulcetones have created a Covid safe collaborative song to bring some light and good cheer for Christmas 2020 – Ding Dong (I'll Be There), available from iTunes and Spotify.

Tuesday, 22nd December 2020, 10:00 am
The Dulcetones Soulful Christmas gig 2019

Spokeswoman Benita Matofska said: “Ding Dong! (I’ll Be There) is a collaborative and against-all-odds original, full to bursting with the best elements of chart-topping Christmas songs. During an unprecedently tough year for everyone, Ding Dong! (I’ll Be There) is an anthemic coda to 2020: soulfully euphoric, relevant, upliftingly hopeful and an arch two-fingers-up at the death of the arts.

“Like all choirs this year, The Dulcetones have grappled with lockdowns and restrictions that have put the world of performance in a vice. Prohibited from meeting up to sing, choir leader Sarah Tohill kept the choral momentum up via Zoom. Yet time latency and unstable internet connections made it difficult for the choir to fully synchronise and sing together virtually. But with good use of the Zoom breakout room feature and the sheer connectedness of seeing each other’s faces in lockdown, The Dulcetones kept going.

“With the second lockdown putting paid to in-person rehearsal time, it was imperative to keep the choir’s spirits and voices soaring. Ding Dong! (I’ll Be There) began as a fun, collaborative songwriting project in November; and by the time the lockdown ended, had become a categorical choral Christmas miracle. With the enthusiasm of a team of session musicians on board to bring the song to life instrumentally, Covid-secure recording began on December 6.

“Today, The Dulcetones are beyond proud of their achievements: against the odds thrown at them during a pandemic, this has been a spectacular achievement under immense constraints of both practicality and time. No social bubbles were burst in the making of this song.”