Celebrating the great T.Rex legacy in Horsham

T.Rextasy keep alive the magic of Marc Bolan with a date at The Capitol, Horsham on Friday, January 31, 7.30pm


They also play the Regis Centre, Bognor on Thursday, April 16.

The shows will include electric and acoustic performances, transporting audiences back to relive the good old days of the 1970s.

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Marc Bolan, with his band T.Rex, was one of the most flamboyant and charismatic stars of the original glam rock era.

With Bolan’s special ingredient of Rock-a-Boogie songs, the band had a string of huge hits throughout the 1970s including Love to Boogie, Telegram Sam, Jeepster and 20th Century Boy.

And T.Rextasy frontman Danielz knows exactly what he needs to do to emulate him.

“I absolutely love playing the songs of T.Rex.

“It’s the actual buzz one gets of going on stage and giving the audience a live experience.

“Fans are coming to have a good time, and when I see people smiling and doing just that it makes it really worthwhile.

“Marc Bolan was a 100 per cent live performer, very energetic, very lively and very much in tune with his audience.

“Marc Bolan was never like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin who are actually two of my favourite bands.

“He really related to his audience unlike the bands that just never spoke to their audience at all. He really did speak to them.

“He sometimes just sat down and chatted to them like they were his friends. People forget that Marc Bolan was an absolutely huge superstar, and yet he just spoke to his audience like that.

“The background to some of the songs that T Rex played I know about only because of what Marc said.

“There are a lot of other bands that I admire, but I know their music only on one level.”

Sadly Danielz never got to meet his hero, though he has met just about everyone else who had anything to do with him including manager, wife, girlfriend and ex-musicians.

“I was living in Germany when I first got into him. It was 1972 and I had just entered my teens. My dad was in the army which is why we were in Germany. I had just got into music.

“The Stones and The Beatles were on the radio, and there was this strange voice and a fantastic tune – and it was Jeepster by Marc Bolan. That got me into T Rex heavily.”

And when T Rex came to Munster that year, young Danielz was there – not feeling awfully well.

“I was ill all the way through it just because I was so excited.

“You imagine seeing your idol at 13 and knowing him from the cover of an album and from 12-inch vinyl and then there he is. I had stomach cramps all through the show.

“I couldn’t say I enjoyed it because I was in pain, standing there holding my stomach and looking at Marc. But I saw them the next time they came to Germany the next year – and by then I had grown up a bit!

“In 1992 I was an original musician who was promised recording deals from various companies, always let down at the last hurdle.

“I decided to then to form T.Rextasy, to go out playing the music of Marc Bolan – an artist that I had always loved.

“As Marc died in 1977, I wanted people to experience the energy, excitement, and the wonderful songs and performance that he gave – always 100 per cent.

“It was this that drove me to push the band as far as I could.”

T.Rextasy comprises Danielz (vocals and lead guitar), Neil Cross (rhythm guitars, backing vocals), Rob Butterfield (bass guitar, backing vocals) and John Skelton (drums).

Tickets for the concert are available on www.thecapitolhorsham.com