Chichester Fringe comedy follows three best friends over the years

Babette ShawBabette Shaw
Babette Shaw
Portsmouth-based Left Leg Productions join the Chichester Fringe – part of the Festival of Chichester – for the Fringe Comedy Line-Up in Graylingwell Chapel on Saturday, July 2.

The comedy night opens at 7pm with Katie Bennett; followed by Russan & Royd – The Confessions of Two Twenty-Something Year Olds; Jack Stone, a short, comedic piece of theatre about how not to deal with stress; The Sugarcoated Sisters as they bring their multi-million-hit TikTok personas to the stage for the first time; Go Scotty; and Nana Characters.

As part of the evening, Left Leg Productions will also be offering Wyrd Sisters, a play that will have you laughing about the good old days whilst reaching for your phone to call your mates, promises writer and producer Babette Shaw.

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“It's a comedy, a very naturalistic piece about three best friends. We meet them on their first night in a brand-new flat and through the chatting and through just hanging out together we discover a bit more about them. The second act is three years later for a leaving party and we see how they have developed.

“It is a piece about growing up and the transition from childhood friendships to adult friendships and it is also about how they develop as adults.

"It looks at sexuality and gender and religion and it also looks at what we take from what we were given when we were growing up and what we leave behind as we move forward.

“A lot of it is based on my experiences living with my two flat mates in Southsea. It is a very British comedy.

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“We premiered in London in Hackney in March. But we have had to cut it for the comedy night. What we are performing for Chichester Fringe is a one-hour condensed version.

"The original piece was just over two hours so we've had to chop it in half. We've got two of the original three cast. I'm the writer and producer.

“I am hoping to take it to some other places in England. We're looking at Salford in Manchester hopefully in September and we would hope to be doing a full of set a fringe dates.”

As for Chichester: “We are all local. We are all in the south-east area and we are really lucky to have this Chichester event, a newer fringe. It is a lovely way to try out work before doing bigger fringes. It is a nice little stepping board for us and also we just love Chichester.”

Also coming up at the Chichester Fringe:

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Saturday, July 2, Blue Balloons Pink, 15.30-16.45, The Chapel

Sunday, July 3, Have I Got Tunes For You, 11.00-12.00, The Chapel

Sunday, July 3, Astra, 14.00-15.10, The Chapel

Sunday, July 3, Freshly Squeezed, 15.30 -16.30, The Chapel

Sunday, July 3, Variety Evening, 19.00-22.00, The Chapel

Thursday, July 7, Comedy on the Canal, 18.00-20.00, Chichester Canal