'Crappy Covid Christmas' sees Lewes duo offer festive comedy relief

Lewes’ Matt Mahoney and Russ Pilfold capture the mood of the moment with their new Christmas song Crappy Covid Christmas with a music video on YouTube.

Saturday, 19th December 2020, 8:30 pm
"Crappy Covid Christmas"

They are using the track to raise mental health awareness.

The idea is to get thousands of people laughing and openly talking about mental health in the lead-up to Christmas.

Laughing through adversity is a classic British trait so this song really makes you chuckle while getting people to think about a serious subject, they say.

Matt said: “We hope it improves your vital daily MPR (Mirth to Peril Ratio). It's the ratio I live my life by and 2020 has seen a big increase on the peril stakes for most.”

“Following my own experiences I wanted to do something to raise awareness about mental health this Christmas. It can be a harder time for those experiencing mental health issues but this year could be the first time for many they have had a Christmas experiencing grief or not being able to see friends and family.

“From personal experience I know the benefits that laughter and smiling can bring in managing physical and mental health issues. Please don't struggle on your own, there is always someone and help is out there. Sometimes just knowing that someone else understands that it can be a crappy time and that that is ok can help. That’s where having greater awareness can be so important and we are pleased to hear from people that music and humour have been a fantastic way of breaking down some of those barriers to having a conversation.

“Writing the song and recording it was a really enjoyable process and it had the desired effect of opening up some conversations around mental health without even thinking about it.”

Matt and Russ